December News!

Today sees our new online community officially OPEN! I hardly slept a wink last night and I’m really resisting to hold off for another day because I really want everything to be SO perfect for you but (as with so much in life!) there’s no such thing as perfect and sometimes, when you’ve got a message that NEEDS to be out there in this beautiful world you need to let go of perfection and just let your heart lead.

So here is my heart splattered on a website, standing before you- just asking for you to… oh hold up I’m getting into movie mode already!

December Membership Perks

Tomorrow’s Me

So this Month’s theme is “Kindness” and we are exploring the concept of “Tomorrow’s Me”

The first video has been released today and if you are logged in to your FREE account, you can view it on your Membership Perk page. The Journal Prompt can also be downloaded from there too!

The exclusive videos for The Self-Love Supporters will be released every Tuesday so we can dig deeper into your beliefs about Self-Kindness and Tomorrow’s Me.

Courses This Month…


Tame Your Inner Bitch!

Personal Challenge- Start today!

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Kick Start Your Self-Love!

Personal Challenge- Start today!

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Don’t forget we also have lot’s going on in our Facebook Community and we’ll be going through the FREE Kick Start Your Self-Love Challenge in there on the 9th December together with live videos every day <3

Can’t wait to see how we grow together!

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