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Little bit about me…

My name is Mirrie, I love playing with clay, tapping on the top of my head, painting waves, writing poetry, seeing the world through rose tinted glasses, eating chocolate and building villages!

Who Am I?
I’m a just a normal person, winging it every day and messing up regularly. I struggle with balancing life, looking after everyone and fitting me in too. My home is messy, I drink too much coffee, I have too many books, my washing pile looks like Mount Everest and my roots probably need dying.

Yes, my life is not an Instagram perfect picture and I’m not here with perfect hair (or body!) telling you the magic formula to lose weight, become rich or become the perfect mother.

Self-Love changes everything, believe me it changes your entire life but it doesn’t make you or your life perfect and you can’t wait until you are perfect to start!

So here I am, showing you my perfectly imperfect life and loving myself regardless and I’m doing this to show you that you can do the same!

At home I have a huge family and we home educate so our house is noisy, busy and full of fun! My brain often feels fried but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Because we live right near the beach we dip our toes almost everyday and the sea is definitely where I find my calm.

In all that I do I am finding beauty and pockets of joy. I choose to celebrate the ordinary and loving myself and taking care of me is something I have to choose every single day.

I’m a Self-Love Motivator, Photographer, Artist and am currently writing my first book “Already Enough”. Through all of my work I hope to inspire Self-Love and show women their uniqueness and beauty.

I believe that everyone (including you reading this right now) is already deserving of Self-Love and it’s SO important that you need to start today!

So let’s get going!

“Mirrie – life coach – sister – friend – soul-reader – I really don’t know how this woman does it but she seems to be able to reach in to parts of me I didn’t even know existed, and in such a positive way”

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As well as working alongside women in my programs and courses , I also offer 1:1 personal support. I would LOVE to work with you and help you dive deeper into your Self-Love Journey!


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Speaking about Self-Love, Confidence, Body Positivity, Motivation, Soulwork and everything inbetween is my passion in life! I'd love to hear about your next event.

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My mission is to spread the compelling unique message of Self-Love all over the world. If you're a Journalist, Interviewer or Member of the Media and would like to talk, please get in touch!


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