Love Yourself Messy

Self-Love isn’t pretty
Self-Love is Messy
Self-Love is ugly

Sometimes Self-Love is
Loving yourself regardless
Loving yourself harder
Loving yourself more fiercely

Sometimes Self-Love is
Loving yourself when
You’re hard to love.

Miriam MacMillan

Stretch Marks

Silvery streaks
Creeping across my
Growing body

Silver, blue & red
Brave body

Rippling skin
Beautiful growth

Like a stone thrown
Across the pond

Love 💛

Tomorrow’s Me

If I do this

Don’t do this

Eat this

Finish this

Leave this

Feel this…

Tomorrow will I look back and be glad I did?
Am I being kind to tomorrow’s me?

When you love yourself you can stop thinking that tomorrow’s you can “suck it up” YOU CARE ABOUT YOURSELF. That’s why loving yourself literally changes *everything* 💛