She Stands

She stands 💛 A delicate core, She feels like Driftwood Once hard and strong Softened by powerful waves Now so breakable Yet still she stands Seashells & precious stones Adorn her crown But her crown cannot be seen Her beauty surrounds her The moon lights her way But her power is within Peace within chaosStrength within weakness Yet still she stands 💛

Love Yourself Messy

SometimesSelf-Love isn’t prettySometimesSelf-Love is MessySometimesSelf-Love is ugly Sometimes Self-Love isLoving yourself regardlessLoving yourself harderLoving yourself more fiercely Sometimes Self-Love isLoving yourself whenYou’re hard to love. Miriam MacMillan

Stretch Marks

Silvery streaksCreeping across myGrowing body Silver, blue & redBrave body Rippling skinBeautiful growth Like a stone thrownAcross the pond ChangeAcceptanceLove 💛