Kick Start Your Self-Love!

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Welcome to our 5 day mini course to kick start your self love! This course has been designed with mamas in mind so the video’s are short and each module will only take approx. 25 minutes per day. Investing this time in yourself is an essential kickstart to your happier life!

As mothers we give so much to our families and children, sometimes it’s hard to imagine what life would be like without that mama guilt in the back of our heads telling us we are not doing enough, not giving enough- that we are not enough. We lose ourselves in the daily battle to get everything done and use harsh words with ourselves when we look at our changing bodies in the mirror. Self-care is an unreachable dream and “loving ourselves” may seem like a fantasy-

This course is a glimpse into the possibility that its not only possible for YOU to feel like you are already enough *without changing a thing about yourself* but also that Self-Love is your greatest goal. Not only is it achievable, but it’s achievable for you.

In a world that constantly tells women they need to change, they are never enough and they need to look better to deserve love- we will knock that on the head and learn how to love how we look, who we are and even our imperfections as we tap into our kind inner voice and feminine power- it’s all there already, now’s the time to kick start our journey to find it!

Free to enroll and learn at your own pace!