Tame Your Inner Bitch!

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You know that voice who tells you you’re useless- It’s time to tell her it just ain’t working any more!
You know that voice who tells you that you’re not good/smart/nice/pretty enough- you’re not enough? Time to give her the ol’ heaveho!

You know that voice that belittles you for every little thing you do wrong, that voice that doesn’t give you a break and tells you that you are unlovable- that’s your inner Bitch and it’s time to break up with her for good!

This workshop will be super EASY and super fun! Its FREEEE!

Everyday there will be a prompt that will take you no more than 5-10 mins to work on throughout the day. We will work on not only the “Why” – why you are being so hard on yourself but also the “HOW”- How to change what you say to yourself and get on that amazing path of self confidence and self love!

What would that mean to you? 
– Feeling worthy to follow your dreams & passion 
– Knowing you are a great person
– Allowing yourself grace when you make mistakes
– Having confidence in the way you look
– Feeling valuable enough to charge what you are worth
– Feeling that you are “Already Enough”
– Opening yourself up to receive more love, more money, more experiences and so much MORE!

By the end of the week I guarantee your inner voice will no longer be a bitch, but will be as kind & loving as you deserve!

Get started today!