4 Steps
to get started

Now you know what Self-Love actually is you may be thinking where the heck do I start? Well here are 4 simple things you can do to get closer to Self-Love & feeling Enough…

Rehearsal Dinner

Step One…

Connect With Your Body

Takes about 10 minutes
Get quiet, close your eyes and put your hands to your heart. Ask your Body how she feels. First become aware of any physical pain your Body has lovingly been carrying for you.

Next notice the feelings and emotions that come up from your body. Acknowledge them without judgement and without the need to “fix” anything. Thank your Body for carrying these emotions for you and for always trying to protect you.

Main Ceremony

Step Two…

4 Minutes Of Self-Care

Takes 4 minutes
What could you do today that would make you feel happy, cared for or valued?

When was the last time that you did something just for you? When was the last time you did something just for fun?

We live such busy lives it’s easy to go through the day putting yourself and your needs last, especially when there’s just so much to be taken care of. But what message are you sending to yourself when you just never take care of you? Can you take just 4 minutes of your day to make YOU feel like a priority too?

The Party

Step Three…

No Shoulds Time!

Try it for 30 – 60 minutes
We have so many “Shoulds” put on us by society, social media, our family and even ourselves! Most comparing thoughts, guilty thoughts and not enough thoughts start with a “I should be”

Of course there’s things we all *need* to do but ask yourself, is the guilt or shame you are feeling really justified? Is what you are beating yourself up about a need or a should? Who gave you this should?

What would it look like if you could just drop all of those Shoulds for a bit? Take half an hour to not allow any “Shoulds” into your precious mind. Tell yourself “STOP” if you start comparing or having an unkind inner voice. Allow yourself the grace of a small time to enjoy your moment without any “Shoulds” tainting it- you deserve that peace.

The Party

Step Four…

Keep Self-Love in View!

Try it for a day
Your needs, wants and feelings matter. You are worthy enough to view your own needs as much as a priority as the other million things you have to do today. Keeping Self-Love at the forefront of your mind mean you will have a tiny reminder to treat yourself with kindness, to say no when you need to, give yourself time and grace, rest, take care of your needs or just be mindful of when your body is trying to protect you.

Keeping Self-Love at the forefront of your mind takes commitment but it’s SO worth it. In those moments when you feel like you’re just not enough, you will be reminded that you are enough, right now, without changing a thing.

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