The Self-Love Village

You Matter
You Count
You deserve love.
Self-Love makes everything better, lets get there together.

Right now if you are feeling like you are not enough please know you are not alone. There’s a whole village here of people who have felt like you are now (including me!) or who are joining us feeling exactly how you are feeling today.
We are here to take you by the hand and show you how Self-Love is not only possible for you but it’s VITAL for you to find it. There’s also a source of untapped power and awesomeness inside that can help so many women, so we need you as much as you need us!
So join us today & start your Self-Love Journey…

Membership Types

Self-Love Villager

Join our village of Self-Love! Join our group to connect, get support and chat! Also access free courses, videos and a monthly Journal Prompt straight to your inbox!

Free to join!

Self-Love Supporter

Spread the love with a Supporter Membership. With all the benefits of being a Villager plus access to weekly exclusive video’s, behind the scenes content, monthly poetry and Live chats with Mirrie..

£6 Per Month

Self-Love Learner

Perfect for those who want to step into their power, be activitly learning and grow with group support! Access to all Online courses. Entry to Monthly programs, with Masterclasses, deep content, assignments and group support.

Coming Soon

Self-Love Coaching

For those with a big vision, dream or business you can get 1:1 Self-Love Coaching with Mirrie. With Inperson or Online options we will set a goal together and you will be fully supported and create a personalised plan so you can approach your goal in your alignment & power.

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