Personal Support

I was once working with an amazing Abundance Coach from America. It was about 3am and we’d already done over two hours of EFT when she asked me to take a step forward with my eyes closed.

She took me to my death bed. She asked me what would be the most important thing that I’d look back on in my life and hoped I’d achieved.
The answer was so clear for me.

1. That my kids and family knows how much I love them
2. That every woman I’ve ever met knows just how worthy of self-love she really is

This message of Self-Love is more than a job or a website.

It runs through my bones, motivates me to get up at silly o’clock and do crazy things that pushes my boundaries and scares the crap out of me!

They say the final stages of healing is when you can help someone else. I hope that through the Self-Love village you now know you are not alone. Through my helping you, I am healing and I know that when you realise just how worthy you are of self-love that you’ll go on to help other people- what a beautiful way the world works 😍

If you are feeling like you’d like a little extra support and would like me to work with you personally I want this to be easy for you so just contact me to set up a complimentary 1:1 Coaching session today!

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