The 4 Minute Self-Love Miracle Program v.2

Enrollment for The 4 Minute Self-Love Miracle Program v.2 is now open!

“I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to have a deeper love for themselves within, wants to be heard and seen. Anyone who wants to not feel alone on the journey and learn to offer grace and love to themselves”4 Minute Graduate

What’s Included?

  • 4 Minute Self-Love Miracle Daily Planner

    44 Day Planner with daily suggested activities and Gratitude Log, Feelings Log and space to track how you got on that day [Printable PDF]

  • 44 Days Of Group Support

    Connect with other women making Self-Love a priority and support each other while you share your successes, struggles and miracles!

  • 4 Self-Love Master Classes

    These videos cover everything I know about Self-Love, Your Worth, Body Positivity and How to build a Kind Inner Voice.

  • Weekly Journal Prompt

    Probe deeper into your beliefs with these Journal Prompts.

  • Weekly Group Coaching

    Every week we will come together online as a group for Self-Love Coaching and to bond.

  • And so much more!

    There will be live Q&A sessions and accountability threads and I will be personally checking in on people to keep your momentum going! you can spend as little as 4 minutes a day or dive in deeper with hours of soul expanding- It’s up to you and you’ll be fully supported throughout. Seriously when was the last time you did something like this just for you?

Price for all of this is just For Jan 2020 Only!

“I think every women should follow this program. It will show them that ‘Hey, you’re OK as you are’. It will also show them that not loving yourself is OK! You just have to learn to not let it rule you, and the program can show you how to do that.”

If you believe that you are worthless you will treat yourself like you are worthless.

I actually totally get it.

There’s always something to do, the house constantly looks like its been burgled, there’s always a million kids asking for snacks or shouting WW3 is about to kick off because their somene has taken their toy.

Its rarely quiet. It feels like there’s never a moment that’s just for you.

There’s car trips, shopping trips, school runs (or constant questions if youre home ed!) theres washing- dear God there’s endless loads of washing…

Of course you would’t change it for the world and yet…

You feel like your always falling behind
You feel like you are failing
You feel like you can’t be the mum, the friend, the partner, the PERSON you want to be.

That bitchy inner voice pops up to play.
“You’re useless” She says.

You lose your rag at the kids.
“You’re such a crap mum” She says

You forget a friends birthday
“You’re a crap friend, no wonder no one likes you”

Someone pops over and you see your house through their eyes
“Look at this mess, You’re a mess- Your life is just one big mess- You may as well give up. Your worthless” She says.

You hear this every day and you start to believe it. You start to act like it’s true. You start to treat yourself like you really are worthless.

Then comes depression. Pretending to be OK but feeling like a shell of who you were.

You bravely tell a friend or doctor. It takes ALL of your strength.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself”
“You just need to love yourself more”
“You’re a great mum, why can’t you see it?”

You hear well meaning words but no-one is telling you “HOW” How to feel more worthy, how to love yourself even when life is messy?

You ask yourself where would I start?
What do I need to do?
Is Self-love even possible when I dont even like myself right now?
Where would I even find the time?

I was exactly in this position just a few years ago. I felt lost, hopeless and hated who I was. Learning how to love myself and see myself as worthy of it has changed my entire life and I seriously want the same for you.


I want it to be fast, painless & easy for you to follow. All I need is your trust & just 4 minutes of your day.

Just some of the Miracles from our first round…

“I learned that I am just as deserving as all those people on whom I spend my energy and emotion :)”
“A sort of unraveling to heal deeper parts and more acceptance to shed light on the parts of you that you kept hidden”
“I learnt that I matter. My thoughts, my ways matter. I now dress for who I am (not for hubby, mother etc). I also eat the food I want to eat, and not what everyone else in the family does just because it’s easier.”

We start on 21st Jan 2020
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