The [Untitled] SoulWorkers Program

What are the main goals of this program?

  • You will be crystal clear on your message and what your SOULWORK is
  • You will feel aligned & alive
  • You will accomplish One Main Goal
  • You feel confident in who you are and what you want
  • You will let go of perfectionism and feel as WorthyAF

What will we focus on?

  • Alignment
  • Authenticity
  • Dancing with Fear
  • FUN
  • Money and clients
  • Kind Inner voice
  • Perfect Timing
  • Imperfect progress

Soul Alignment is my unique medicine.

What would you create in 8 weeks if you had total support, total belief, momentum and magic on your side?

********Allow passion to flow********** 

Follow our joy, follow our fear, being SO real and working from the inside out. 


Intro Week:

  • Why Alignment is so important & Intro to the Program video
  • Alignment Workbook
  • Choose Your One Goal

Week 1: (Strip to your bones) Your NonBS Why

Week 2: Dancing with Fear

Week 3: Attracting Clients just by being you

Week 4: There’s Magic in those Niggles

Week 5: Money is Energy

Week 6: Your Gut is Talking

Week 7: More Fear Less Hustle 

Week 8: Step into your Arena


8 weeks on – 2 weeks off

2 x Zoom Inspiration meets per week

Weekly Masterclass Videos (Required)

Weekly Exercises (Required)

One Main Goal & Weekly Accountability Touch Base (Required)

Mobile Group Chat and Pickmeup Videos (Free Telegram App will need to be installed)


Full price this program is worth £777

Before lockdown there was a special offer of the first round for £444

During lockdown I have decided to go all in and offer this program as “Pay what you can afford”

So I’m putting the power in your hands. IF you feel drawn to this program and joining me as I restart my own Soulwork (And accomplish my One Goal too!) There’s no amount too small or too big to get you in. I understand how lockdown has hit us all. It’s more important to me that you bring the right energy and commitment than what amount it will take inorder for you to feel “like you’ve got some skin in it”

Whatever you can pay will be the perfect amount. I hope you can feel my intent and know I mean that.

I trust I will draw in the perfect group of people together.

Once you are in you are in. There’s a reason I’m called the ugly Barnacle you know 😆

Are You Ready?

Intro Week starts 20th Oct 2020

Because this is “Pay as you can afford” and not a set amount, to sign up please pay through this Paypal link and I will email you with the next steps.


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